Tuesday, November 11, 2014

METAL SLUG DEFENSE android games

Breaks another record with more than 16 million downloads around the world!

New peculiarities in this redesign:

1)new ranges

2)new units

3)addition of new SPECIAL MISSIONS, and so forth.

"METAL SLUG", the zenith of 2d activity shooting on NEOGEO returns in a tower-guard/ Strategy diversion on ios! Order your troops to seize the throne of the world's best "METAL SLUG" player!

■regular and Rebel Armies conflict on ios!

Send your units to the front line and assume control foe bases with a straightforward tap of your finger!

Utilize the METAL SLUG Attack, alongside other extraordinary exceptional assaults to turn the tide in fight, and the goddess of triumph will bless you!!

■more than 60 separate characters and units accessible!

Toward the start of the diversion, just the Regular Army's units are accessible, however Morden's warriors will join

your positions later on! Restricted units that must be procured by means of uncommon occasions or particular conditions are sitting tight for

you also!

■the world is your war zone! Fight in different nostalgic METAL SLUG stages!

"METAL SLUG DEFENSE" offers more than 100 foundation organizes steadfastly reproduced from fantastic METAL SLUG titles! Clear every one of them to replay stages with new units in fight and get more compensates!

METAL SLUG DEFENSE android games

■level up your troops and weapon!

Alter your units so as to build your opportunities to win the war! Change and recovery your units whenever in the diversion through the simple and natural touch orders!!

■compete with different players in Wi-Fi VS Battles!

Delight in "METAL SLUG DEFENSE" alone or with different clients in Online VS Battles by means of the Wi-Fi characteristic. Win fights so as to enhance your score, contending with players from far and wide for the most elevated po